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Young Life DACH Region: Out there in the world of kids

The world of young people is becoming increasingly complex. They are searching for belonging, hope and a meaning, but often experience loneliness, depression and emptiness. The Young Life DACH Region is committed to bringing hope and purpose to young people around the world. Young Life Leaders are committed to entering the world of adolescents to provide safe places where kids can experience real life through adventure, humor, service and caring relationships. These relationships do not develop overnight - they require time, patience, trust and reliability. You'll find Young Life leaders serving in local schools, coaching teams, attending musicals, plays and soccer games.

Christian faith

Young people of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome and accepted. We want to share God's love with young people and give them the opportunity to get to know the person of Jesus Christ and to start a relationship with him. If desired, we offer opportunities for prayer and exchange about the Christian faith.

Relational youth ministry

Young Life leaders are friends, caring adults and mentors during challenging and difficult times for adolescents. By building reliable relationships, we give them a feeling of belonging and hope. Often, lifelong friendships develop from these significant relationships. Our ministry focus is always on relationships, while our programs help to build them.

Empowerment through mentoring

We want to encourage and empower young people. We do this through group events and individual support in friendships and mentoring relationships. Together with young people, we develop projects, events and ideas to make a difference in their community.


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